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Designs are all printed by hand which means there will be slight differences between the picture and the actual product. No two uniform designs are exactly alike. This method is to ensure that each product is unique and authentic. Each t-shirt has a front and back image.


The Hopi people are the true first inhabitants of America, their village of Oraibi is indisputably the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States.

For the first time the Hopi designs are brought to you through the expression of clothing, hand painted art, and sculpture. Donations and Purchases all go toward the HOPI Village.

The immediate needs of the Hopi nation:

solar gear, beds, water tanks, farming equipment, cold weather gear, heating system, sewing machine, silk screen machine, embroidery machine, bio-light stoves, bio-domes, vortex immersion dome, cars, truck, tractor trailers, grading tractors


Hopi Love – Foundation Address
Visit us at: Legacy of Orayvi 1500 Alpine Ave,
Boulder, CO 80304